Founded in 2001 by Michelle and Joseph Sharkey, Sharkey Industrials is an Ireland based online provider of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Work Wear products. Having been in operation for 15 years, with personal experience in the construction and form work industries, they are well placed to know exactly what requirements and quality products are required to conform to E.C. Standards.

We pride ourselves on being both an affordable destination for safety and personalised work wear, and also on being one of the most highly trusted safety equipment suppliers renowned for offering uncompromised choice and value for money. We offer a comprehensive range of products from a range of trusted PPE manufacturers designed to meet the safety needs of any company in any industry.

Whether you’re in the oil and gas, automotive, chemical, agricultural, food processing, manufacturing, or maintenance business, we have an industry leading solution that is designed to help you get the job done safely. Our singular focus on PPE equipment has allowed us to combine quality equipment with affordable prices and a personal touch that will add both reliability and value to your workplace at all times.

On our site you will find easy to use search tools coupled with straight forward navigation to help you find the superb safety and PPE equipment you need to ensure that you and your workers comply with safety standards at all times, no matter the task you’re engaged in or the environment you’re working in. We offer a wide selection of products designed for multiple applications from which to choose, including:

  • Safety boots, safety shoes, safety wellingtons,
  • Hi-vis work wear, coats, vests coveralls, railspec, body warmers, fleeces, hi-vis t-shirts, hi-vis trousers, hi-vis gloves
  • Head & face protection, hard hats, eye protection, hearing protection, dust masks & respirators
  • Weather proof, wet gear, coveralls, trousers, jackets, bib & braces.
  • Work gloves
  • Disposable work wear
  • Hygiene work wear
  • Food trade, coats, hats, shoes and safety wellingtons.

We have the experience and expertise in the protective clothing industry that will offer our customers peace of mind and assurance that their employees are adequately and properly equipped to perform their duties in the safest possible manner at all times.

And thanks to our in-house print and design team, we are able to personalise your selection of work wear with your name or company logo as well as offer a full range of digital printing services for your company’s corporate and promotional printing needs.

Sharkey Industrial

Safety for all, always!